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"A fabulous group friendly warm and welcoming , run by parents who can truly understand and fully appreciate the daily challenges, delights , and the roller coaster ride of emotions being a parent of a child with ASC/ ADHD. Somewhere safe to offload and not feel so isolated and free from judgement" Amy ( Lily -Maes Mum )

Where do I start, I found you just before the start of the summer holidays and to be honest I'm so glad I did. You have provided me with so much in just a few short weeks then I have been able to get out of the so called professionals since my son was diagnosed 18 months ago.
I don't actually know where I would be right now if it wasn't for both of you and for this I will forever be indebted to you. You have helped me see things clearly and your continued support is amazing.
I know I still have a long road ahead of me and this no longer feels so lonely as the group you have made is not only friendly and welcoming but it's full of people that actually really do understand what it is like to raise a special child. You are there to celebrate the achievements no matter how small and offer a tissue for the rough bits. Without the mums like you the mums like me are alone. Please don't ever stop.

From a very very grateful mum

I'm very new to the world of Autism with my 4year old son. We've just started his journey to getting a diagnosis. Marvels and Meltdowns has helped me both online and at group in many ways. It's great to feel the support of a group when you feel so alone during this long winded process. I can ask questions about the process when professionals are unavailable and ask about after school clubs that my son could attend such as martial arts.
I'm a Navy wife therefore my husband is away a lot. Going to group each week enables me to either vent my feelings or ask for support in a certain area. It's great to see so many parents in the same boat even though we can all bring so many experiences to the table.
Tricia and Shandrika have given me the confidence to get my son a diagnosis, before the group I thought I had hit rock bottom. Thank you ladies marvels is a credit to you both.

Marvels and Meltdowns have been a great support to myself and my mother. It is good to know we are not alone in this journey especially as the ASC assessment process is such a long one. I know if I have a question there is always someone there I can ask. I have made great friends at the group and look forward to going each week.

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