About Us

Marvels and Meltdowns was founded in November 2014 by Shandrika and Tricia after numerous, lengthy catch ups at a local coffee shop. They met to consult with each other the recent diagnosis of ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Condition in Shandrika's son, of which Tricia knew all too well as her own son shared the same diagnosis.

After much discussion Shandrika and Tricia came to the conclusion that there wasn't any local support for the parents and carers of the children affected, and so they set out to change that!

The local children's centre had previously planted a seed in Shandrika's head about using their venue as a location for our meetings, so they booked an initial meeting to ascertain the need for support in the local community, thus Marvels and Meltdowns was 'born'!

The group grew immensely quickly and has since grown into a registered charity with its own dedicated social and fundraising teams.

They hold weekly meetings to cater for their ever expanding members and have recently added an evening group and a male carers group once a month.

Shandrika and Tricia run 1:1 intensive support meetings to enable them to reinforce the positive mental well-being in their members as they have found by promoting this, it makes an immense difference in their daily lives.

The charity is run completely on donations of cash, skills and of the volunteers who give their free time, including Shandrika and Tricia who give 40 hours a week to enable Marvels and Meltdowns to continue and move forwards.
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